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Reesy’s new braided leather collar. Blue and gold are my two favorite colors, so when I saw this collar at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Dog Show, I HAD to purchase it! #navy #gold
A few fabulous finds of many at my new favorite home decor store in Broad Ripple (Indianapolis, IN) called Surroundings.  As you will quickly learn, blue and gold are my favorite colors.  This wall art is amazing and simple, but can be such a statement piece in the right room.  With a touch of blue in it and framed in gold, it has jumped to the top of my wish list.  The crown would make the best centerpiece on a coffee table or bookshelf, another wish list topper.  

Closet Heaven



"If the shoe fits, buy every color…"

Amazing storage ideas for your 500 pairs of shoes! 

Your Family Jewels…

I LOVE these jewelry organizers. I hate seeing clutter on top of vanities.  Organize and hide your jewels in these drawers! 



Bathroom Break

I love these white, clean-looking bathrooms.  So elegant and feminine! 


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…”

-George R. R. Martin

I love to read and hope to one day have my own library in my house with tall shelves and a ladder! Here are a couple of awesome books I’ve read lately, and I’m currently reading Resolve.  It’s a true story about my cousin’s Grandpa who survived WWII by hiding out and living in the jungles of Bataan for 34 months.  Incredible story, check it out!